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UX | UI Design


UX | UI Design

  • Research | Persona | User Journey - Set up interviews with users of the target group to validate personas and complete the customer & user journeys

  • Sketching - A tool to visualizing our ideas and helps the client understand the process and, our way of thinking.

  • Wireframes | Prototyping - We use low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes and prototyping tools like Sketch and Justinmind in order to be efficient and time conscious.

  • User testing - We always validate our ideas based on tests with real users.

  • Creating Screen Flow - We create a screen flow to show all the connections between the screens.

  • Detailed Design | A/B Testing - We usually design variations of the same screen: a light one, a dark and a colorful version. Differences can be in the colors, shapes, fonts, icons, light-dark elements, etc. 

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